Proudly Atlantic Canadian, we are passionate and committed to improving the lives of both people and animals in need.

About Us

Established in 2023, Blue River Foundation is a private, family managed, not for profit, philanthropic organization.

Our mission is to offer financial support to organizations focused on animal welfare causes and those providing nutritional support programs for youth and adults in Atlantic Canada.

By leading with compassion, positivity and an open heart, Blue River Foundation seeks to improve the lives of pets and people in the communities we support.

Causes We Support

Animal Welfare
We aim to achieve positive change in the wellbeing of animals by supporting rescue organizations who are committed to enhancing the lives of the animals in their care and those providing educational programs and fostering community partnerships.

Nutritional Support Programs
We believe that having access to healthy foods is directly connected to the overall wellbeing of individuals at all stages of life. Blue River Foundation is proud to contribute to nutritional support programs helping youth and adults who are facing food insecurity by increasing access to healthy food and by encouraging healthy eating.

As a charitable foundation registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Blue River Foundation supports registered charities and/or other qualified donors under the Income Tax Act.

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